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Invasion of the Saucer-Men movie poster

    Creeping horror from the depths of time and space!

    SEE teenagers vs. the saucer men!

    SEE a disembodied hand that crawls!

    SEE Earth attacked by flying saucers!

Invasion of the Saucer-Men alien    This 1957 teenage sci fi film is set in Hicksville, USA, where the kids just want to make out in their cars at Lover's Point. But when an amorous couple spots a flying saucer, the kids have to band together to fight off a horde of pint-sized aliens. The insidious saucer-men have hands with eyes that inject their victims with alcohol, so none of the town's adults believes the drunk teens. Meanwhile, a pair of con men keep a dead alien in their refrigerator.

    This cult classic is the work of Edward L. Cahn, most renowned for directing the Our Gang comedies. Look for a young Frank Gorshin, who would later win fame as The Riddler in the '60s Batman TV series.


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