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Journey to the Seventh Planet movie poster

    From the folks who brought us The Angry Red Planet  (director Sid Pink and writer Ib Melchior) comes this inane 1962 space adventure about a trip to Uranus in the year 2001.

Journey to the Seventh Planet set

    With peace flourishing on Earth, a rather spacious United Nations spaceship with five astronauts of varying nationalities is sent to investigate mysterious radioactive emissions from Uranus, which is clearly pronounced Ur-AH-nus throughout the film. This makes everyone sound snooty but no doubt cuts down on the "your anus" jokes.

    While orbiting Ur-AH-nus, the crew goes into a hypnotic-like trance, apparently for days, in which an ominous voice threatens to drain their minds and possess them.

Journey to the Seventh Planet monster    The intrepid multi-national crew bravely presses on, landing on the frozen surface of the seventh planet, which instantly turns into a lush forest with rootless trees. Familiar structures and beautiful women appear, as some of the crewmembers seem to be transported back to the familiar surroundings of their past. But just outside a force field containing the lush woodlands lies the real frozen, unforgiving landscape of the planet, along with several tacky-looking monsters.

Journey to the Seventh Planet brain

    Turns out that the thing controlling the bizarre environment is a giant disembodied brain that lives amongst swirling psychedelic lights deep in a cave warmed by geothermal gases. The astronauts have to fight the alien brain as well as the demons lurking in their own minds to survive their perilous trip to Ur-AH-nus.


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