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    Welcome to the Cosmic Cafe's Sprayorama, a gallery devoted to spray paint space artists, who are the masters of many universes. Using little morSadote than spray paint, tin cans and paper, these space artists create an amazing assortment of cosmic landscapes, each with his or her own unique style.

    The spray paint art movement began with the late, great Mexican artist Ruben  Fernandez in the early 1980s. Known simply as Sadot, he'd sit cross-legged on sidewalks or in parks and create amazing landscapes and portraits in front of big crowds in Mexico City. Disciples began sprouting up all over the place, with one school adopting Sadot's techniques to make fantastic space scenes. They performed on the streets at hot tourist spots like Acapulco, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, where a steady flow of crowds assured the artists a decent income. And by the mid-1990s, Sadot's techniques had spread all around the world.

    Sadly, Sadot died in a traffic accident in 1988, but his school of spray paint art lives on -- as our Sprayorama artists demonstrate.

    Please note: All of these pictures appear by courtesy of the artists and any use or reproduction without their permission is strictly forbidden and punishable by Plutonian Ice Splints!

Click on the images below to see more of the artists' work.

Ronny Haklay spray paint space art

Ronny Haklay

Burt Aulisio spray paint space art

Burt Aulisio

Pete Pinza spray paint space art

Pete Pinza

Brandon McConnell spray paint space art

Brandon McConnell

Angel Ortiz spray paint space art

Angel Ortiz


Yannis Koutras


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