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War of the Worlds movie poster

    Famed producer George Pal brought the classic H.G. Wells tale of interplanetary warfare to the big screen in 1953. Starring Gene Barry as the heroic Dr. Clayton Forrester, a world renowned physiscist, and starlet Ann Robinson as the screaming librarian in distress, the film tells the frightening tale of an alien invasion during the paranoic height of the Cold War between Russia and the U.S.

War of the Worlds photo

    The residents of a tiny Pine Summit are thrilled to see a flaming meteor slam into a hillside just outside town. But their excitement quickly turns to panic when the Martians emerge and start destroying everything in sight.

    Hundreds of seemingly invulnerable spaceships unleash a horrific assault all over the Earth and one major city is destroyed after the other. Not even an atomic bomb can slow down the Martian war machines, but ultimately they are vanquished by viruses and bacteria, "the littlest things which God in His wisdom had put on the Earth."


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