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When Worlds Collide movie poster

    Based on a 1932 novel co-written by Philip Gordon Wylie and Edwin Balmer, this 1951 film produced by George Pal explores what would happen if a rogue star system flew into our solar system on course to slam into Earth.

When Worlds Collide photo

    Scientists discover that two heavenly bodies orbiting the star, the planet Bellus and its moon Zyra, will intersect Earth's orbit in only eight months. While Bellus is predicted to smash our planet to smithereens and destroy all life, just before the catastrophic collision Zyra will pass close to Earth. The hope of mankind rests in the capable hands of pilot Dave Randall (Richard Derr) and astronomer Doc Hendron (Larry Keating), who supervise the construction and flight of an spaceship that transports 40 lucky humans and a Noah's Ark collection of critters to Zyra to perpetuate earthly life.

    When Worlds Collide won a special effects Oscar and inspired the 1998 remake, Deep Impact.


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