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The Day the Earth Stood Still movie poster

    A genuine sci fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) sends a message that Earthlings still don't get -- if we can't learn to use our technology to create rather than destroy, we are doomed.

The Day the Earth Stood Still photo

    Michael Rennie stars as spaceman Klaatu, who lands his flying saucer on The Ellipse, near the White House in Washington, D.C., with a gift for mankind from beyond. But before he can present it, a soldier with an itchy trigger finger shoots him. Klaatu survives and eventually goes undercover to learn about the strange, violent creatures that inhabit this planet. Meanwhile, his faithful and indestructible robot Gort shuts down all electronic devices on Earth and is programmed to annihilate all human life if Klaatu dies.

    Directed by Robert Wise and co-starring Patricia Neal and Sam Jaffe, as an Einstein-like scientist, The Day the Earth Stood Still remains a classic. And remember, if an invulnerable alien robot ever starts destroying your home planet, try telling it, "Klaatu barada nickto!"


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