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Forbidden Planet movie poster

    With its spectacular special effects, elaborate sets, captivating matte paintings, all electronic music score and Shakespearian-inspired characters, Forbidden Planet (1956) is truly a groundbreaking science fiction film. Borrowing elements from The Tempest, the movie takes place far in the future on a distant planet, where the quest for knowledge becomes deadly.

Forbidden Planet flying saucer    Early in the 23rd Century, United Planets Cruiser C-57D lands on the planet Altair IV, 16 light-years from Earth. The crew's mission is to discover what happened to the Bellerophon expedition, which was sent out two decades earlier.

    On Altair IV, they find the lone surviving member of that expedition, Dr. Edward Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), along with his beautiful 19-year-old daughter Altaira (AnnForbidden Planet Robby the Robote Francis), who was born on the planet, and Robby the Robot (played by himself).

    Morbius tells of an ancient race called the Krell, which was wiped out eons ago by a mysterious force. They left behind an incredible machine that is 400 square-miles in size and powered by 9,200 thermo-nuclear reactors.

    Led my Commander John J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen), the crew explores the planet as they strive to unlock the secrets of the super-sized energy generator along with a deadly mind-expanding machine. But then a sinister monster starts killing the crewmembers, and Dr. Morbius discovers the tragic truth that could destroy them all.


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