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Queen of Outer Space movie poster

    In Queen of Outer Space (1958), three American astronauts -- wearing the exact same spacesuits as the astronauts in Forbidden Planet -- are on a routine mission to drop a professor off at a space station orbiting 20,000 miles above Earth when the station is blown up by a mysterious ray.

Queen of Outer Space set

    The ray also damages their spaceship, which winds up crash-landing on Venus. To their surprise, the planet is inhabited solely by shapely women who speak English, prance around in short skirts and high heels, and wield standard 1950s-issue ray guns.

    Apparently, the men were wiped out in a war between the sexes. And although the astronauts insist they mean no harm, the evil, masked Queen Yllana brands them as spies and declares her intentions to destroy Earth with her weapon of planetary destruction, the fearsome beta disintegrater.

Queen of Outer Space Zsa Zsa Gabor    Our heroes find an ally in a scientist named Talleah, played by Zsa Zsa Gabor, who leads an underground resistance force against the wicked queen. Gabor does manage to show off some of the charisma that made her star -- and rich husband collector -- despite her limited acting abilities.

    Of course, Talleah and the astronauts' leader, Captain Neil Patterson (Eric Fleming), fall in love. Meanwhile, the other astronauts get hot 'n' heavy with the super-horny babes from Talleah's rebel band, and they all work together to defeat man-hating Queen Yllana.


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