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Devil Girl From Mars movie poster

    In this 1954 British film, a leather-clad hottie from our neighboring planet lands in Scotland and hDevil Girl From Mars photoits the local watering hole searching for men. Seems the battle of the sexes got out of hand on Mars, and when the smoke cleared there were no males left.

    So the Martian powers that be sent pretty Nyah (Patricia Laffan) -- who's been described as a cross between a dominatrix and Darth Vader -- to Earth, along with a ray gun and large, tacky-looking robot, to find a man to bring home.

    Nyah was heading to London, but the Earth's atmosphere damaged her spaceship and threw it off course. She lands Devil Girl From Mars photoin the Scottish moors and finds her way to a manor-turned-inn run by a family named Jamieson and inhabited by the requisite scientist along with a reporter, a cute little kid, a fugitive killer, a hunchbacked handyman destined to get blasted to smithereens and a few other stock characters.

    Nyah terrorizes the locals with her ray gun and robot, which is a cheap imitation of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Eventually, the fugitive murderer winds up heading back to Mars with Nyah. He redeems himself by carrying out the scientist's plan for blowing up the spaceship, sacrificing himself for the good of mankind and no doubt the movie-going public as the film mercifully comes to an end at this point.


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